About us

Who we are

Team IBB was created to help others achieve more.

What have you lived through? What have you survived? The Good, the bad, and the ugly. Embrace it all! Understanding where you’ve come from is very important when trying to figure out where you are trying to go. We’ve learned from our past experiences and being “burned” by life. We help you find that passion that is buried deep down and help bring it to the surface giving you purpose to everything you do moving forward.

Who are you doing it all for? Why are you getting up everyday? Understand your reason and align it with your actions. Your past experiences made you who you are. You now need to take that and tie it into the the people and things in your life now that you love most.

How do you want to be remembered? What are you doing now that will live on without you? We are not talking retirement planning or anything like that. This all comes down to what value are you currently bringing to the world and your relationships. This becomes your personal mission statement and a clear path to being truly happy in life.

We want to know more about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.