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Redefine Your Life ™

Happiness comes from aligning your passions with actions. You need to identify the most important things you can be doing everyday to achieve your goals personally, professionally and financially. This workshop is designed to tap into what really motivates you while developing a realistic plan of action that is inline with all of your goals.

Business Mindset
The Business Mindset workshop takes all of the fundamental strategies applied in the “Redefine Your Life” workshop and applies them to modern days business strategies. Uncover new ways to engage your audience, streamline business process with the use of technology and position yourself for long term success.
IBB Mastermind
Reserved for individuals who have completed the “Redefine Your Life” and “Business Mindset” workshops. This group of strategic thinkers is committed to their plan and helping others achieve success in a variety of ways. Share ideas, plans and strategies with industry leaders in finance, insurance, marketing, real estate, software development, branding, strategic planning and more.

It All Starts with a Plan

Burn-Proof Success Through The Fires Of Failure

In this new guide to creating your best life, executive James Ross Schleicher names the key components of success. He encourages you to stop focusing on what might happen tomorrow or next week. Instead, he wants you to look far into the future and discover how to accomplish your biggest dreams and goals.

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